Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another beginning

I have been thinking about writing a blog for a while but there always seem to be so many things that need doing that I wasn't sure about starting something else, something that I would have to keep up so it wouldn't unravel.
It has been a year of going here and there, near and far, and so it seemed as good a time as any to begin something that would give roots to those wanderings whether they are of mind or of body, figment or Newton, so I could share those wanderings with anyone who would like to go along for the ride.
Already April, lots of snow still on the ground, and my thoughts skip over the calendar like a stone over the water, through spring, into summer, and on into fall. I am in the thick of planning the 14th Annual Denmark Sheepfest for Saturday April 19th, just a short time away. Will the snow be gone? Will there be plenty of sheep for the shearing? Will the sun shine and the visitors come? I just finished doing the new web site: so more people could see what a fun event this is. What a lot going on that day! It seems to have become the sign that spring has really come and is the kickoff event to the rest of the fiber season.
Back in January we were planning for the second Pleasant Mountain Fiber Arts weekend in June. Once that web site was redone with all the new information for 2008, and up and running, the registrations began to come in the mail. All is going well and I am looking forward to another great weekend of fiber classes.
Last month I taught a couple of classes in Portland and have more coming up in May. June also means Fiber Frolic. Lots to do to get ready. There are boxes of yarn and bags of roving waiting to go into the dyepots. It has been so cold and snowy that thoughts of hanging these out to dry have been far from my mind. There will be time when the sun shines and the grass is at least visible, the snow just a distant memory.
Soon I'll spend more time in the wood shop making tools, in the kitchen dreaming up new color ways, less time on the computer. Nights are spent knitting for the summer shows, my own socks left in the bottom of the bag on their needles. Even spinning has taken a back seat this winter. It has been easier to grab a knitting bag when going out than to wrestle with a wheel and bag of fiber on a dark snowy evening.
Still my mind is full of colors, planning new projects, and jumping from books I have read to things I want to do, following old paths and looking for new ones. A new beginning here to record the adventure of following the new season.

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