Saturday, April 12, 2008

You Are My Sunshine

Thursday was such a glorious day I just felt like these sunflowers. It got up to 60* and you could almost watch the snow shrinking back! We took a walk up the road and checked out the emerging stone walls and how much bare ground was showing. The gutters are gurgling with runoff and the spring streams are bubbling over the rocks, their waters headed for the lake. The border collies at the next house up were out in their pens. We always know when someone is walking down the road because they announce them quite vociferously.

This winter, however, they were not outside - too much snow. But they are back outside now eagerly checking out all who pass by their domain. Our neighbor was cleaning out her shed. It won't be long before we see her sheep sunning themselves by the fence. Our own sheep have ventured out into the sunshine but haven't really stayed out for any length of time. They are waiting for a larger dry space. Thursday they did come up the path to get their apples and pears. No way they would skip their treats!

Friday I hung up more Sheepfest posters while I was in town doing errands. I also ordered more hats, and a shirt for the shearer. We'll have a little surprise in the Sheepfest goods for sale this year but I'm not saying what that is - you'll just have to come and find out!

My socks have been sitting at the bottom of my knitting bag while I have been knitting many pairs of mitts. Each pair is of a different yarn and it is fun to see how the textures and colors knit up. Here are some of the first batch - all the same yarn but different colors. The pile still in the bag need to have their ends woven in before I take a picture of them. Some are Merino, some are wool and silk, wool and rayon, wool and cashmere, llama and silk, while others are made from Merino, silk and cashmere. Hard to choose which one I like best.

I've been knitting birthday presents, too. Using the same pattern with variations of yarn for body color and face and hooves these little lambs were knitting fun of an entirely different nature. For each one I have made a little pullover sweater. One was made from sock yarn on size #2 needles, another from worsted yarn on size #6, both smooth stockinette stitch. The third was a seed stitch pullover on size #7. They sure are happy little companions.

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