Thursday, April 17, 2008

Getting Ready

It won't be long now! Two more days and the sheep will begin arriving at the park for their shearing day. We went down there this morning to check the snow. There is still some left but with the sunshine we have been having it should be all gone by Saturday except for some piles in the shadows.

This is the park. You can see the pavilion with its green roof and open sides. The pens will be down in front of the pavilion so the wranglers can move the sheep easily from truck or trailer to pen to shearer. There will be plenty of room for everyone to see the action. The skirting table will be under there, too, and the fleece sale.

Michelle DeLucia and Julie Libby will be heading up the skirting crew and have those fleeces in good order in no time. What a good opportunity for people to learn a lot about fleece in a very short time. After an hour doing this job you know a lot more about what makes a good fleece. How many times have I seen spinners oohing and aahing over a fleece, especially a dark one, until the fleece is 'thrown' over the skirting table and they see all the VM (vegetable matter) in it. Come meet these capable women, join in and learn. You will be grateful for the experience when you next go looking for a fleece to buy.

Julie and Michelle and a really big skirted fleece!

You'll meet lots of sheep at the Sheepfest, lots of people and learn all kinds of things about fleece and the ways you can use wool and other animal fibers. All of us who are involved in this event are getting excited and those who come every year are getting excited, too. It is just a great way to spend the third Saturday in April! Come on down!

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